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Ann Summers Ltd

Receiving items in the sale: complete lottery! (And I've lost as always)

I made a £94.30 order and thought I'd bagged myself some real gems in the sale..
After a very patient wait and no comms from Ann Summers to indicate of any problems with my order,a very slim looking parcel plops on my mat.
Two items,equalling £15..
Maybe the order was so big it"ll be sent in two lots? I emailed Ann Summers to double check,but no reply.
Then tried again after three days.Again, no reply,so I call customer services..
I'm told after she checks her system I should have received 6 out of 8 of my items and named them all..I tell her It's the total opposite..She puts me on hold for five minutes.
I'm afraid two of the 6 items I haven't received are 'discontinued and won't be coming back in stock' despite the fact all the items I ordered were in stock when they took my £94.30 and one of the items sent in my miniature delivery was one of said 'discontinued items' but in a smaller size.
The other 4 items will be sent once they come back in stock..which she had no idea when that would be..I thought a clearance sale was to shift discontinued stock anyway?!
Basically my order has been totally screwed up and they have no idea where any of it is or when I"ll get it.
Congratulations Ann Summers, you have made what should be a very simple enjoyable shopping experience a complete DRAG and DISAPPOINTMENT!
I suggest you focus more on keeping your stock up to date and refreshing your website with a complaints procedure! Of course you won't, judging by a surprising negative feedback percentage I find everywhere on the net, but here's hoping!

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