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Completely different goods sent to the ones advertised

I ordered a pack of 6 INKRITE cartridges as advertised by Play.com through a Playtrader They sent me a completely different name set ( a cheaper brand and not as good ) When I complained they told me that they were exactly the same ( which they clearly were not !!) and tried to fob me off with various excuses.This is a complete ripoff...In the end they offered to refund my money if I sent the carts back ..or ( this is the best bit ..send me what I had ordered in the first place INKRITE !!! ) Needless to say I did niether because if you cannot trust them to send you what you ordered I am sure I would not trust them to refund my money after I had sent the carts back..This is the second time that I have had the misfortune to unwittingly purchase from this same trader through Playtrade,,, on the advert it looked as though I was ordering directly from PLAY.COM and was rather misleading and it was only after I had paid for everything did it become apparent that I had actually ordered from this useless Playtrader again..So beware and I definitely will not order using Playtrade unless I can get an email from the trader EXPLICITLY telling me that he is going to send the goods EXACTLY as advertised..You expect this sort of thing on Ebay but should never happen on a well known site like Play.com who should take careful note of feedback etc about these traders.!! To be fair all orders from PLAY.COM themselves have been very good an no problems and I have used them for a good few years ,it's only when they started this PlayTrader business that things went downhill. So my advice would be forget Playtrader and if Play.com haven't got what you want then go elsewhere Amazon for instance although there Marketplace suffers a similar problem , but Amazon are a lot more approachable when it comes to disputes than Play.com..

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