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Not what I expected

Ordered one day, arrived the next. I can't fault the website or the delivery, my problem is with the manufacturing of the shelves.

I bought 5 x Max2 units at a total of approx £500. For that kind of money I expect quality but I learned the hard way. The problem is in the consistency - not all the horizontals are the same length. Some pieces go together really easily and knock home with a few sharp taps - others took ages to wrestle and smash into place. When this started to happen I measured some of the long horizontals, they were not all a uniform length and varied by up to 4 or 5 mm. When you are putting in the top bar of a 6 tier shelf and the uprights are held solid trying to find 4mm of wriggle room is not a pleasant experience.

Some of the flanges need to be opened, that's a pain in the neck and time consuming but do-able. Sometimes to you get a nice 4-flange fit, others 2 and sometimes 1 flange is the best you can hope for. The real problem, and the reason I gave this product 2 stars, is quality. To make some struts fit I had to literally whack the vertical with a lump hammer to get enough play to make the horizontal fit. Before I'd even used them the shelves are knocked about, scratched and deformed. I even had to drill+bolt one tier because I'd been working on it so long it bent and was never going to fit.

I'd have been better off buying something from B&Q for half the price.

09 April 2014

Reply from Bigdug limited

Hello Chris,
many thanks for your order with big dug,
I am really sorry to hear of the disappointment with the goods, we pride ourselves on our customer service and after sales - we always like to know when a customer is experiencing any difficulties and can always offer an alternative or if the parts are faulty we pride ourselves on getting the replacements to you on the next day
our customer service number is 01684298500,
please let us know if you require any additional parts or to upgrade the unit
I will pass your comments onto our suppliers
sorry once again
many thanks

Heinnie Haynes

I (almost) never shop anywhere else.

The best UK resource for edged tools, hard-use kit and accessories bar none.

The selection is massive, the price is always competitive and the service is second to none. I have never had an order from HH go wrong, they have always delivered next day even using standard postage rates but what really impresses me is the user reviews of every item in their catalogue; even if the item gets a bad review they don't hesitate to post it on the site. These peer-reviews from other users and enthusiasts elevates HH from the status of a retailer to something approaching an authority.

I haven't got a bad thing to say about Heinnie Haynes.

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