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shit and I wont add any stars as they dont deserve it

After buying roughly same product in November and the like through amazon, I am gonna be skeptical, but I wont review being skeptical as I ordered through prime, told amazon about them who also said deliver by early morning that I said, it was not until I told amazon that HDNL/Yodel need to deliver because I bought them for the midnight opening, it went past the time, told em the final limit, nothing by then, so I got onto amazon again, though I dont know when it turned up I would rather have another company deliver my latest package containing two psp games and a six pack self heating coffee by rocket fuel and HDNL pay for it as I am a prime customer what I order should reach me by the date specified, not the 12th of never, and let this be a warning HDNL us prime members are your premium customers, screw with me and you screw your contract with amazon, and kiss it goodbye as screw me once shame on you, screw me twice you will pay the price as I dont go prime for nothing nor do I let prime products be ignored, I forked out £30+ calling amazon last time about you if you do it again I wont be happy nor will you now sort out the tracking cus I aint seen any tracking data so you might of pulled a fast one before you had got it in depot so do you want your ears bashing from amazon or would you hand over to another company and pay them because I am a prime customer of amazon cus if you do neither I better see my parcel tomorrow and you gotta promisepromise it

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