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Strings Direct

fast delivery and decent strings

Ordered strings and they were delivered within a day and a half. Faster than expected. Well priced and decent strings.

Back in Action

great product - bad delivery experience

I would definitely recommend the products bought at this store. I bought a stokke highchair - great product, easy to put together and clean etc.

However, I bought this product over christmas - ideally I needed it for christmas day, but I ordered it late and therefore I couldn't get it in time due to the shop's opening hours. When it got delivered I wasn't in and I arranged to collect it from dpd's depot. When I arrived on the set day one part of my packages was damaged - looked like it had been used as a football! I have pictures to show what the box looked like if you are interested - and they lost the main part of the highchair. I then had to wait 45 mins for them not to find it (during which time there was no good customer service and a bunch of guys sat doing not a lot in their office) - before I lost patience and rearranged the delivery. I had a call after to say they had found the remaining part of my package and I could come to collect it. I refused and said they would have to deliver it after their mess up.

This is not a reflection of the service at back in action, however I would strongly recommend changing delivery company. Their service was shocking and I ended up getting the highchair that I needed on the 25th december on 4th january.

21 January 2013

Reply from Back in Action

If you are reading these reviews in order to decide whether to select Backinaction as your provider, we would like you to know how seriously we take any delivery errors, how we respond to our customers, and the way that we work to avoid a repeat.

Firstly, some words about delivery companies and how we select them.

Backinaction regularly test different delivery companies, monitor the ratio of successes to failures and the level, if any, of product damage during the shipment.

We use these regular evaluations to pick the best courier and to keep them on their toes.

Unfortunately, we have not yet found a perfect delivery company and it is certainly the case that once in awhile a customer has a bad experience which we are extremely sad about.

Our experience though, after hundreds of thousands of deliveries to our customers, is that whilst some delivery companies are badly run (and we avoid those like the plague) others are 99% good with one or two rogue employees or depots (where service levels are lower than they should be). Those rogue localised issues can convince a local population that the whole of the UK delivery company is poor.

Backinaction regularly meets with the national representative of our selected company and feeds back any pattern we have picked up about a particular depot or a particular driver and normally we are very pleased with the response.

In this case, because we achieve such high overall satisfaction levels with our current courier we will be raising the matter today with our account representative and asking them to look at standards at that particular depot.

We will also be contacting our customer to pass on our personal apologies and to ensure that everything about the product they have received is in perfect condition. We will of course remedy any problems promptly at our cost.

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