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Competitive Pricing and good range of products

I've used Blackcircles a few times now. I find they have a very easy system to get the tyre you are looking for and a good range of alternatives always on offer with good details about the respective products.

Will definitively use again and recommend to anyone.


Best Price and regular updates

Have used Zavvi before and will undoubtedly use again.

They have competitive prices and often the best and keep you updated with the progress of your order. Simply to use website, with good range of products.

Mighty Deals

Unable to handle the volume

I bought three of the same item (Magnetic Windscreen cover) on 30th December, redeemed the voucher the next day and never got any one delivered. I had to make phone calls, send emails etc, before I got a confirmation that a refund has been requested. On 18th Feb I am still waiting.

Foolishly I purchased two more items, heat pads and an ipad Air 16gb, around the end of January. To date, neither item has been received, there is no updated tracking information, and it is now just frustrating waiting for the items. The vouchers were redeemed 15 days ago!!

The deals seem great, but with all the postage added on top and the waiting time and possible chasing up etc. confidence is being lost.

I don't think the company is equipped to handle what they are doing. I'm so glad I didn't take up the investment opportunity they had.

They really need to get their act together, before they end up on watchdog, as I think many people are having similar experiences.

02 April 2014

Reply from Mighty Deals


If your issue has still not been resolved, please email us your voucher code or account email address to twitter@mightydeals.co.uk and we will try to resolve this for you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,

Mighty Deals


Worst Investment Made - Even One Star is too much

We bought an Anglian Conservatory back in December 1999, which was installed/completed in October (Yes October) 2000. All seemed well for the first year, until a rook leak appeared.

They came out to look at it, and resolved the problem, but then there was another, and another, and another. Half a dozen or so visits later, it was discovered that 'glass stops' were not fitted, so the sections of the roof were slipping.

However, even after the glass stops were fitted, we have had on average at least 4-6 call outs per year every year since. Even the neighbours were wondering why we always have so many Anglian vans parked outside. Now that the conservatory is out of guarantee, we don't know what costs we are looking at.

We had a couple of further leaks out of guarantee, but they were sorted when some of the glass units had failed and needed replacing (they are covered for 15 years).

I have a multiple page history of all call outs, days spent waiting for technicians who never turned up, appointments cancelled as replacement units have broken or staff is off-sick etc.

We have had every conceivable excuse over the years. After much complaining for wasted time off work again and again, a small (three figure) offer was made which we rejected, thinking of going to court - due to other personal matters that never happened - but around 2008, some major changes happened at Anglian, so things seem to look a bit better, although the problems carried on, and soon after, so did the excuses!!

It has been nothing but stressful through out, and even now, following the recent heavy rain we have several leaks, not just from the roof but also from the windows, so the window board is swelling up as well, and green moss is growing on the inside.

Sure, people put up all the bad stuff, and there will always be good and bad, but everyone on our close turned away the Anglian door-to-door rep after hearing our plight!!

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Best Price on the net

Did the usual Google search and found gamecollection.net offering the best price with 'free delivery'. Placed the order and received it within a couple of days. Very impressed and would definitely look to use them again.

XLN Telecom

Years of service and recommend to others

I have just come across this site as I was going to research for a new line for my mum in her nursing home.

I have had business lines with XLN for quite a number of years now and have always found them to be competitive. Even when I was going to leave for a better deal, they matched it and kept it going.

I do however have to admit that I do not have broadband with XLN, simply because I don't want any interruption in my business like the last time I moved from BT to O2.

I have one line which is 30 something pounds including line rental and ALL phone calls to UK land lines, mobiles and pretty much most International land lines.

This saves us a hell of a lot in mobile and international calls and is the best tariff I have ever come across.

I think people are often too quick to put up the bad with the ease of the internet. I have no shares in XLN or any connection apart from being a customer. Any faults have always been sorted in a timely manner, and my only complaint is occasional calls from their marketing departments trying to sell me more lines or give details of any potential customers. Have already told those who I think would benefit!!

Overall, a happy customer (for phone lines - can't comment on broadband) who would recommend to others.


USRentacar make life simple

I have used USRentacar as they work with a number of vehicle providers and are able to gve a really good deal with plenty of choice.

All the necessary information is given before deciding which vehicle to go with, and all charges are explained in simple terms.

Have booked a car for March 2013, so hoping that the final delivery will be just as simple.

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