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Must try harder!

I tried (and tried) to buy from SimplyCDkeys for the first time last night, but boy, they really didn't want to take my money.
Tried to pay with PayPal - 5 times. Computer said 'No!'. Phoned PayPal; nothing at all wrong with my account etc, so they could only suggest another payment method.
Tried my Amex card - twice. Again, computer said 'No!'
Undeterred (really wanted the game at a great price!) I tried a Visa card. Success!
Didn't 'phone SimplyCDKeys because (a) I won't phone 0845, etc on principle (if you want my money, make your Customer service contact easy and free), and (b) it was probably too late time-wise anyway!
But....great prices, and once you get to pay them, fast delivery of the game key.

Interlink Express

The virtual world of Interlink

I sent off a PC graphics card under warranty. On Friday I received both an email and an SMS from Prospect (interlink) telling me the replacement card was on it's way by Next Day service and would be delivered...Monday. What?

Contacted Interlink, (who's email acknowledgement informed me they work Monday to Saturday), to ask what was wrong with Saturday, and was informed eventually that the sender had not selected the Saturday delivery service, (which missed the point completely), and that Next Day meant 'next business day'. I pointed out they were working on Saturday, as was I, together with millions of other people, so how wasn't Satrurday a 'business day', but this fell on stoney ground.

Today, delivery day, I clicked through to their tracking system to check which hourly slot I had been allocated for delivery. Nothing. Phoned the depot to be told they weren't using the hourly slot system to-day because of the snow (ok, see their problem), but in any event the package was stil at their depot in Reading because it had shut Friday because of the snow, and they had no idea when it would be delivered.

Back to Customer Service asking why during our email exchanges on Friday and Saturday no-one had bothered to tell me my package hadn't actually left their Reading depot, only to be told it hadn't been picked up from the sender. Pointed out their system had told me it had, etc. Silence so far.

Contacted the sender who confirmed they hadn't sent the package on Friday 'because of the weather' but, like me, they couldn't understand how/why Interlink had notified me of the collection and pending delivery etc of a virtual parcel.

Interlink, I'm not sure who is actually answering emails to your Customer Service email address but can you please get some Customer Service people who understand Customer Service asap?

21 January 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered. Can you please email with your contact phone number and full delivery address? Moreover, do you have any other parcel reference numbers, as the one you supplied is not recognised.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Bobby.

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