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Please Please don't trust this company, ''they will Hold your money for Months HELL'' Disaster

Sleepless Nights, Stress, pain, aggrovation, I'm a new seller they brought me down straight away fast then i could ship the Goods, paypal put my Funds straight on Hold, i sent all my items to the Buyers packed very well and this How the pain started.

180 days for what i don't understand and can't get over whats happend can paypal explain are they SCAMMERS looking to make interest of the money it seems so i use to love Ebay but now i don't it's all turned in to a CASH COW paypal are scammers and Ebay is probably the Same because it's all the same company.

i was left confused and thought what have i done to deserve this, i'm crying and wanted a Explanation of why i was ''account Limted'' did a computer make this Decision about my account maybe a paypal customer service agent did?... I'm really confused and can't understand

And it doesn't help when you have dishonest little Thiefs on Ebay doing the Empty Box scams and claim damaged Goods sending back Wrong items, and doing parcal refunds dirty little scammers.

This where it gets complicated the pain stress of the moment it started made me sick tired depressed, i sold 14 items at first packed them, the Buyers paid straight in to my paypal account and then i got a message from paypal saying it's on ''Hold'' and my money won't be released till the Buyers give me Good feedback and not reported any problems. so I'm confused thinking I've sent my items and i haven't got my Money ''WTF''..and then all of a sudden Paypal demand more infornation from me, ok i don't mind uploaded passport,drivers licence, bank statements, wasn't enough, they needed Receipts of the items i got?, How the Hell am i gonna get those i didn't have the receipts and now my account is in Limbo all because of paypal.

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