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Very poor customer experience at first … subsequently explained and resolved.

I was very angry when Bozowi automatically processed my phone at a lower price despite a number of requests to return the handset.
Yes, my phone was received one business working day after the expiry date and I understand why, based on Bozowi’s terms and conditions, a price change was triggered, but this does not excuse the fact that all my subsequent requests to return my phone were ignored. This led me to leave a fairly cutting review of my Bozowi customer experience.
I was then fairly shocked some weeks later when I received a letter threatening legal action if I did not either justify my comments or remove the review. Having sent a formal written reply I was pleasantly surprised when, at my request, a senior customer service representative from Bozowi called me back in person to discuss my review.
It transpired that: -
a) The points made in my original review were all factually correct and accurately described my customer experience with Bozowi. My opinion was also accurately expressed.
b) Bozowi’s current communication process is heavily automated and, due to this automation, does not always handle customer e-mails in the way that it should.
c) Bozowi also conceded that their terms and conditions, when seen from a customer’s perspective, are perhaps not as clear as they could be. Especially as they allow a longer time to receive orders than their initial terms state. In my case I found this particularly misleading as the expiry dates quoted on-line, in their written letters and their subsequent automated e-mails did not always match up.
I discovered that many of these are issues that Bozowi are already aware of and are in the process of fixing.
In my case, some of my e-mails ‘fell down the cracks’ and this is what led to me having such a poor customer experience, hence my original review.
Whilst it is a shame that it took such a cutting review and a subsequent threat of legal action to get Bozowi actually talking to me, our recent communications have proved useful and Bozowi now have several pointers which they are working on in order to improve the overall customer experience.
*** Please Note: In the light of recent activity on TrustPilot I can confirm that this is a genuine edit to my original review. I am a genuine customer and I am also happy to discuss this directly and objectively with anyone who wishes to contact me - as Bozowi did, and I'm glad they did, and as several others on TrustPilot have too ...

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23 January 2013

Reply from Bozowi

No excuses, you did not send in your handset within the deadline, we sent you reminders via email and text. Although we strive to help our customers we do need to keep in line with our terms and conditions in order to be fair to all our customers.

You placed your order on the 4th of October, we sent out your pack the next day on the 5th of October. We received your order some 17 days later on the 22nd of October, our terms state we allow 5 working days. In fact, we allow extra time for the order to land, 14 days. We recommend to all our customers to send their orders in by recorded or special delivery to ensure that devices do not get lost or damaged in the post and also so we receive the order quickly. We state like all the mobile phone recyclers that prices change on a regular basis, you will notice that the make and model you sent us is now just £1 (correct at the time of writing). The price for the particular handset you sent us actually changed some 5 days after you placed your order. We sent you six emails and texts advising you that the price was going to change if we did not receive your order in X amount of days.
Edited: following the response from Bob Tyler: -

Ok, I apologise if the above is repeated at all,

Our system is fully automated, we sent you the following emails/texts:
Saturday 6th October 2012 4:57pm Countdown Email Reminder - 12 Days Remaining
Tuesday 9th October 2012 10:57am Countdown Email Reminder - 9 Days Remaining
Saturday 13th October 2012 10:57am Countdown Email Reminder - 5 Days Remaining
Tuesday 16th October 2012 10:57am Countdown Email Reminder - 3 Days Remaining
Wednesday 17th October 2012 10:57am Countdown Email Reminder - 2 Days Remaining
Thursday 18th October 2012 10:57am Countdown Email Reminder - 1 Day Remaining

Every email/text states: "You have x Days remaining until your quoted order prices expire", this states that the price you have been given will change, as the email sent on the 18th says 1 day remaining you know that you are not going to receive the original price after the 19th at 10.57am.

As stated in our terms: "At all times we reserve the right to change and update our prices from time to time and we do not need to inform you of any changes. Such changes and updates may be made without prior notice."

Our system automatically gives the current price if an order is received late, the price can go up as well as down depending on the market trends.

Our terms also states:
"Any order(s) placed prior to any price change will be unaffected by any such adjustment. If we do not receive your Goods within 5 days from the date your order is placed the current prices applicable at the time the phone is received will apply. We reserve the right to change the price and to process your order at the lower value or reject your order.

We shall not be held liable under any circumstances regarding price pledges as we will use our reasonable endeavours to offer customers the best price for their Goods. "

In regard to you requesting the device back, if payment had already been sent to you then we would require the payment to be returned to us before the handset could be returned to you if it had not already been recycled.

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