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Beware of revaluation policy - RESOLVED

I sent an iPhone 3GS 16GB and it was rated as £59 on their website. It wasn't the best valuation on the market, but their reviews on here made me confident that my transaction would be handled correctly. Within a few days I got an email saying that they had rerated their valuation and they would only offer £39 due to their assessment of the phone's condition. Seeing as I had been offered up to £55 from other well reviewed gadget recycling sites, I asked for my phone to be returned. Gadgetpanda then asked me to pay a £5.90 return delivery fee despite their "Why Use Us" blurb saying "Should we offer a revised price for your gadget and you wish to decline, we will not charge you return postage in most cases" and their T&C saying "If you choose not to accept the revised offer, then we'll usually return the gadget free of charge." I suppose the key words here are "most cases" and "usually" which allows them a caveat to renege on a pre-agreed price knowing that most people wouldn't be bothered to send back return delivery fee. Gadgetpanda have claimed that the phone I sent them had a crack on the reverse, which invalidates their returns policy. The phone I sent had usage marks but no cracks. As they have my phone I can't prove my case either way.

I don't know how many times they do this, but this is what they're doing to me. I'm not saying they're untrustworthy or that this is how they always do business, just beware of them as from my short experience they have a suspect policy. I am loathe to send them £5.90 just because they chose to revalue my item, but now they have my phone, they can hold me to ransom, can't they? I have used Mazuma in the past, and while they don't have great rates either, at least they are prompt and more professional.

Regarding the rating, 1 star is harsh as they have not been rude and they are only unreasonable through their own T&Cs, but I can't give them 2 stars as I can't be sure that this bad experience wasn't done with malicious intent. 1.5/5 would be more apt.

UPDATE: GadgetPanda have responded to this review and offered to return my phone free of charge as a good will gesture. I will update the review and rating once the phone is received.

UPDATE 2: GadgetPanda returned my phone free of charge. Their communication has been good throughout.

21 January 2013

Reply from Gadget Panda Ltd

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

In this case we received your item with a crack to the reverse casing and therefore offered you a revised quote for a damaged item. The vast majority of our customers feel that our terms are clear, fair and transparent. They precisely state that we will request that a seller fund the return postage in the following instance: Where an item has visible damage that was not described, such as a cracked screen or casing.

If you did not notice this crack before posting the item or if it perhaps occurred in transit on the way to us, that is unfortunately something that is outside of our control. Please see our other feedback from many happy customers that we delight with our service and perhaps you’ll agree that it is not our strategy to be deceiving or unreasonable. We only expect that sellers are fair and objective toward the trade-in process and that if a gadget is described as undamaged, that we receive it in that state.

We would be happy to discuss the matter further with you in person if you get in touch at a time most convenient for you.

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