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My Itchy Dog

Finally some treats that we can actually eat!!

We are 2 very hyperactive Jack Russells who like constant entertainment! We have skin allergies and are on a strict hypoallergenic diet. This makes it very hard for our owner to find treats and chews as we can't have meat, wheat or dairy. We've been to lots of petshops but haven't been able to find chews to keep us amused or treats we can have to help our owner with our training (we don't really like to do as we're told without some incentive!). All the information about the products was very useful as our owner has avoided many items in the past in local shops as she presumed they had meat/dairy in them as there was no information available (the pet shops are also a lot more expensive). Thanks for making it so simple and informative, we passed on all the useful info to our owner straight away and quick as a flash a yummy parcel arrived on our doorstep. You kept us up to date all the way through and our owner has promised she will get us some more treats and chews (well, as long as we behave!)

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