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Don't waste your time and money here!

I only wish I had read the reviews before thinking I would save some money by choosing 'Bloomin' Delightful' instead of paying for a more reliable company like Interflora.

I ordered the 'Scented Freesias Bouquet' for £16.99 to arrive for my boyfriend's mum's birthday on Saturday 19 January yet they arrived a day early, ruining the surprise. I was then sent an image of the flowers and they did not look nearly as good as advertised. There was fewer stems, foliage and the majority of the buds were open. They weren't even presented as well, arriving in just clear cellophane.

I emailed my complaint, which struck up a dialogue with Martina, the Customer Service Manager. She explained that they post the flowers 2 days in advance of the requested delivery date with Royal Mail therefore saying it was Royal Mail's fault they were early. Apparently it says this on their website, but if it does it is certainly not brought to your attention when you buy. I told her it should be more prominent as if I had seen this, I would have gone somewhere who does same-day delivery. Surely flowers posted 2 days in advance will not be the freshest - especially not when most of the buds are open. They didn't seem to care. I also complained about receiving less stems so she asked for a picture.

I sent them a picture to then be told, "I do apologise but we cannot issue a refund once the items have been dispatched from us", which begs the question why ask to see a picture in the first place? This is also a ridiculous statement in itself for an online service selling fresh goods. They are admitting here that they have no refund policy at all, if you are not happy with the service you can like it or lump it!!!

Oh also, there may be no postage cost but they do charge you a 75p card transaction fee, even for debit cards.

An overall terrible service. Emails 'apologising' were sent, however there was no effort to do anything beyond this. They have no refund policy and not even a consolation prize. It appears they write everything into their terms and conditions to cover themselves but come on, who really reads the terms and conditions of a florist?

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