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POOR,POOR POOR. I have been lumbered with a toilet.

Bought a 3 seater suite in June 12. Tried several suites before deciding on a particular one. I wanted one that was firm, and not too soft. However, after a few months it became so soft you actually sank into it. It was like having a chair with the middle cut out. The wires underneath became unattached, therefore making the springs too springy with no support. I complained to the store. They sent out an 'expert'. He said there was nothing wrong and that the wires were to stop the springs from dispersing to the side. I asked for another opinion and got. ot the same response. However, still not happy the store sent out an independent company called FIRA on behalf of the store and ombudsman. He adjusted the wires and tied them at the ends. This did not help. It still felt like you were sitting on a toilet with the lid up. I asked what they would do and they said 'Nothing'. They have washed their hands of it. So I am lumbered with a £2000 toilet. Just because these 'Experts' can't see any faults doesn't mean there aren't any. Between all this, I went to the store and checked out the suite we bought and found it to be firm, as I was expecting ours to have been. Also upon checking underneath, all the wires were nice and neatly put together. At the end of the day the suite just does not feel right and I am not happy.

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