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Booked with KLM and flown with bad Airfrance

I booked the tickets for my boyfriend and I through the KLM website since September 2012 to visit Mexico in December 18th. We were sent to fly with Air France and since then many things went wrong.
Our trip was Amsterdam/Paris/Mexico City. In Mexico City airport, we were notified that Air France lost our luggages and they put our 2 luggages under a file with only my name. We didn't receive any kind of emergency toiletries or any more help from the personal. My luggage appeared the next day when we went to ask to the airport if they had any news because nobody contacted us, but my boyfriend's luggage didn't appeared. In the online tracking site it said that his luggage was sent with mine but we searched in the Airport again and there was nothing. The personnel of AF in Mexico's airport was very rude. Then I called everyday during 3 weeks to the Central Phone Line of Air France to see if they had any news and they finally figured out that they were not searching for the luggage of my boyfriend but mine, even I said multiple times that my luggage arrived but his luggage didn't. At the end, they sent his luggage to Brussels, because we live in Belgium. Then we return Mexico/Paris/Amsterdam. In Paris, we asked to the Attention Center of AF if they knew something about the luggage and if it was really in Brussels and they just replied that they couldn't call to Brussels but just inside the airport.
The only professional treatment and good attention we got was in Amsterdam, with the personnel of KLM, who arranged everything that the luggage was delivered to my boyfriend's home instead of making us going to pick it up at the airport and come back home.
After this nightmare, I'll continue travelling with KLM, specially direct flights. But never again with Air France.

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