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The Society for All Artists

1st class service, and commitment to the enjoyment of art.

SAA have my full recommendation to anyone interested in art. Although I've only been a member this year I used them several times over the last couple of years to gradually improve the quality of my painting gear.

Now that my membership is in place I'm using the website more, creating accounts and posting photos.

There was an occasion when one of the brushes I purchased was shedding hair and it was replaced like for like within the same week, without me even ahving to return the original. That is superb customer service, and I wish other general retailers of all types would take it on board.

I also enjoy the programmes - it's great to have such a wide choice now. Just wish there could be more new topics, but I appreciate that will bring diificulties in broadcasting things for free that artists are often trying to sell via their books/DVD's.

I'm on a bit of a crusade at work to get everyone painting! Unfortunately only had one taker so far, but I believe he's joining SAA this month as well, so every little helps.

In conclusion I hope that SAA runs for many years, and continues to offer their first class service to as many new artists as possible. I'm also a keen crown green bowler, and I see a comparison in the two activities: you enjoy them both for life, but are enough new people taking them up to maintain future generations? Bowls is in leagues of course, so needs players to keep them active, art doesn't need teams but it still needs long term interest for the companies involved to prosper. SAA are at the forefront of publicising art for everyone - long may it remain so.

Thanks and best wishes.


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United Kingdom