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The perfect device for a cameraman, photographer, cyclist or caveman.

I bought this for my camerawork instead of mounting an LED light on my camera. The main issue I had with my previous LED lights was that they always ran out of batteries. They used to dim and I wouldn't realise. However the H7R.2 is amazing and has a constant light until the end. It's bright enough even in the darkest of environments - in fact so bright that I have to dim it. This would be great for an FBI agent when interrogating a suspect. I'm already blind writing this review - I see white dots - don't look at it head on!!

After hours of filming all the extra weight on the camera does your hands and wrists in, however with this device I'm never tired and don't have to deal with dead weight. It fits comfortably on my head and I look cool like a cyborg - the design aesthetics on this are really streamlined. I can wear this thing for hours and feel no strain. Best of all it tucks tidily away in my pocket.

There are brighter versions of this head torch by the same company, but I would say that they're overkill. This is like sunlight beaming off my forehead. The rear red-light covers my back and makes this excellent for cyclists - don't put it full beam though, or you'll oncoming blind drivers - it really is that bright. My photographer friend has tried other models like Petzl and is extremely unhappy when he compared them to my LED Lenser H7R.2, which is far superior in both looks and performance. This is a must buy - get it now and don't think twice!!


The best quality at the lowest price

I was taken by surprise by this bean bag because it far exceeded my expectations. I was so happy I ordered some footstools to go with it. I bought it to replace my leather corner suite and I don't regret it in any way. My front room has a much better feel to it and I love to watch my movies while laying or sitting in comfort. A must buy.


Fast delivery. Excellent product

I love this beanbag and it's a big part of my home now. It's great value for money and I recommend it to anyone. I replaced my corner suite sofa with this beanbag and it really serves the purpose. It's very comfortable and I can move it out the way when I want to.

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