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Trusted Santander and La Caixa ,lost everything

My Name is Aram Tonakanyan:
In December 2008 I lost my wife Kaloshina Irina.
Two weeks before her death we transferred our money to Irina's accounts in Spanish banks "Santander" and "La Caixa". To her account in "Santander" we transferred about 200 000 euros, and to "La Caixa" about 400 000 dollars.
After becoming inheritor I hired a lawyer to formalize the assets under my name and I found out that banks had given all the money to an unknown lawyer with a forged power of attorney.
Based on all these facts I started a criminal process and the Economics Crime Police found out that the faked power of attorney was given to that unknown lawyer not only THREE MONTHS AFTER my wife's death, but there also existed an obvious lack of conformity with her original identification card.
Woman pictured on faked ID extremely differed from my dead wife, there were mistakes in her last name and some other data.
I am sure that the banks had the copies of my wife's original documents, because she was their customer for ages.
Based on that fake documents both banks gave such an amount of money to an unknown person ignoring the whole transfer security policy. This speaks a lot about the lawlessness which is practiced in such respected European banks.
I sued the criminal process in 2009. My lawyers tried to solve the problems with banks exceptionally in peaceful way, but the banks refused and offered me to address the civil court, beforehand knowing that in this case they will be able to protract the process for an unspecified time.
I am already 65 years old. I am a sick man that lost completely everything because of incompetence and/or malice of banks "Santander" and "La Caixa".
Before I trusted my possessions to these banks I was a well off man having intentions to set up a business in United States of America because whole my family lives here.
Now I receive aid for the poor from United States Government (I am a resident of this country), while banks of "Santander" and "La Caixa" rule over my life and my property, ignoring my legal rights.
We trusted these banks and considered them to be credible, meanwhile they even didn't have any decency to express their regrets about their obvious mistake. They even ignored my lawyer for a long time, before they weren't called in evidence.
We even addressed the Bank of Spain to give an official opinion about the actions of these licensed banks. It was seven months ago and our request is still unanswered. After this what can we expect from banks themselves?
I have lost my hope that these banks will return my property and the health I wasted all these years. My lawyers will insist on criminal responsibility of bank directors for their actions.
I am intended to address the society and all possible organizations in USA, that can help me to retrieve all the things I lost because of my belief in banks of "Santander" and "La Caixa".
I am sure that the institution of human rights in United States works perfectly.
Me and my lawyers have all the verified documents, which we can present in case of necessity.

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