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Never Again

Going to Shanghai was a blast. The scenery is very beautiful, however next time my friends and I go we will do the tour by ourselves. We were not informed from the representatives that we would be unable to access the 97th and 100th floors of the World Financial Center Tower and if we wanted to we would have to pay an additional 50 yuan. We found out about this once we arrived at the building. If we had known beforehand, we would've been fine with paying the price. All we were told by the female representative was it would be 200 yuan for the tour, 50 yuan for the bus ride and 150 yuan for accessing the tower building. By being told only this, we were not aware of there being any extra fees or discounts. We are students and also could've gotten a discount but again, found this out once we arrived at the building tower. The next day we went back to complain and see what the company could do. First bus stop (bus stop redline 3, greenline 22): The representatives (one tall male and shorter female) kept brushing me off when I was talking with them and made us wait for a long time to resolve the problem. They eventually told us to try the next stop where we could get our refund for the tower, afterwards walking off away from the bus-stop to somewhere else. Upon arrival at the next stop (bus stop redline 1 and green line 16), a male representative with glasses there did not want to give us a refund and continued to argue with me saying that he told us although he did not. If he did tell us I wouldn't be writing this and have gone to talk with him. Eventually I became fed up with nothing getting accomplished (asking him what he is going to do about it and then him replying with he told us, completely not answering my question) and said to him I am going to write a review. He then told he to hold on for a moment and that he would talk to his boss and get us a refund but needed me to say that I was pretty much lying about everything and that I was wrong which made me even more disappointed as well as upset with the services of this company.

Overall, I am not satisfied and I hope anyone reading this will not choose this bus service in Shanghai. In addition, the bus ride on the blue line almost made me vomit because of how the bus driver was driving.

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