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Competitive prices and easy to use but high failure rate of pick up and disinterested in owning or resolving problems

I have used Interparcel several times a week for more than a year now. I appreciate the competitive prices and ease of booking and in particular address book (which seems recently to have disappeared) which speeds up the process of booking making life easier if using the service as much as I do. However, in more than a dozen cases of booking through Interparcel my package has not been picked up same day as promised. In more than one case my package was not even picked up the second day. After about the sixth time I complained to customer services. They said that my location was too remote and the courier could not get to me same day. I explained that my office is based in High Wycombe which not remote by any stretch of the imagination. They then said that my location was remote in relation to the couriers depot. By that reasoning even central London can described as remote! I asked that the problem be resolved in that their cut off time should be earlier so they can honour their commitment to pick up same day, and not mislead customers. I continued to use Interparcel but opted for a different carrier. Yesterday I booked a pick up and even called early afternoon to make sure pick up occurred as my package was urgent. I was promised it would be, but no pick up. When I called this morning the woman in customer services said that they were not contractually obliged to pick up same day, even though when booking I chose a same day service. I said that I had hoped the problem had been resolved, as I have had many problems with this particular carrier and have flagged up their high failure rate (about 75%) to pick up same day. I was told that they would not drop the company on my say so. I never asked the company to be dropped, but the problem to be resolved., i.e. the cut off time for this courier to be brought forward so they can honour bookings and not let customers down. I promise next day delivery so my business has been effected. I have been patient, always polite but was taken aback by how I was spoken to today. I must be one of their best customers and have literally used their service close to a hundred times, if not more, and have encouraged Interparcel to address this failure and misrepresentation of services provided. They are not interested in correcting issues that undermine their service and as a business I can no longer let my customers down. I will be looking for another company committed to providing me a service I can rely on. Shame.

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