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outsourced customer service is ruining the company!

First I should say that we have been shopping at Adorama for years since we used to live just a few blocks away. Late November we made the mistake of placing an online order with them for a television. I initially received an email saying that the item was on backorder, but generally ships within 7-10 days. It didn't seem like an issue so I kept the order (and didn't reorder from different company to take advantage of the black friday discount). Two weeks later I received another "item on backorder" email. I called the company to see if there was a replacement item that I could have sent out and the answer was "yes, and its just a few dollars more". well, A "few dollars" was actually double what I paid, so I decided to wait, and wait, and wait.... The item finally arrived a few days ago (two months later!!). I opened the box only to find a cracked screen!
When I called to have a replacement sent, I was told that I now had to wait another 10 days and manage a ups inspection of the item before they would even consider picking up the damaged item and sending a replacement. On top of that the item is still on backorder and I would have to return to a waiting list to receive the item... potentially another ten days and two months?? This is insane! When I asked if a replacement option is available that is not on backorder I was told I could be issued a refund.
-I have now paid for an item
- have hours (of juggling babies to make a call) clocked on the phone trying to get this taken care of
-am expected to wait at least two weeks, and at most... well, no one really know how long
- have two infants and have to worry about managing UPS people to come into my home an inspect items (not just return it)
- and the most upsetting part... have had to deal with quite possibly the most rude and borderline antagonistic customer service that I have EVER encountered

I called BestBuy just to see and their policy is
issue a return pick up for the item and send out a new one. If the item is on backorder an item of equal or greater value will be offered
Simple, right?

I have always preferred to shop from "the smaller guys", but this whole situation has soured my view
never again!


Dear Helen,
It is my general practice to examine a package, especially when it is of some value, before I sign for it. Unfortunately, not not only did your shipping dept send it without a required signature (I came home to find it at my front door), but it was also not in any other packaging other than the original manufacturers box, offering limited or no protection at all.
I understand that item needs to be inspected, I am just not thrilled about having to entertain this process in my home. Again, sometimes situations require a bit more effort than is ideal, so I am not opposed to the idea, just not happy about it.
The real drawback here comes from your poor customer service and also, and maybe primarily, the fact that I now have to sit around on a waiting list, expedited or not, to receive an item that I have already waited two months for.
This is simply not the type of business that I wish to support. Now I am in a bind because had I cancelled the order immediately I could have taken advantage of discounted (pre holiday) pricing elsewhere, which I factored into our ability in purchasing the television.

23 January 2013

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Thank you for taking the time to leave your review, Shar, although I was so very sorry to read that this was your experience.

We do suggest that a TV is examined immediately upon receipt to avoid problems:
TVs or other items shipped by truck: Upon delivery, please inspect the item to be sure it's the correct model, in operable condition, and not damaged. Do not sign the delivery manifest until you have inspected the item. Once you sign for the item, you are accepting the product as is.

If the merchandise is damaged, please make a notation on the delivery manifest, and have the person delivering the merchandise sign as well. Contact us within 48 business hours to report the damage.

Sadly, we don't have any option other than to request an inspection from UPS to confirm the damage before a replacement can be sent.

All that being said, 10 days is given as a maximum time, and if you email me directly with your order number:, I will certainly see if this can be fast-tracked. I can also check with the purchasing manager whether you can be pushed back up the wait list for a replacement.

Finally, I was extremely concerned to read your description of the CS service you received on the 'phone. Could you please advise me of the date and time of your call, plus the number you called from. We can then access the recording of the call and ID the rep concerned. It sounds as though some attention needs to be given to refresher training in circumstances like this.

Please accept my apologies for the frustration and disappointment this has caused, and I very much look forward to hearing from you, and to resolving this as quickly as possible.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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