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Friendly salesmen that was ruined by rude and patronizing finance guy

Myself and my partner went into the Car Shop in Swindon for the first time on Sunday last week. My car had broken down so we were in need of a reliable car that would be suitable for family use. When we arrived, we were greeted by a gentleman that sat us down and we went through what we were looking for. We then went onto the floor and looked around at all the cars, was very impressed. We ended up liking a car that was the opposite to what we went in for but again the sales man was friendly enough. He left us to it and came over every now and again, My partner and I then left with no problems,
The following day, i googled the car and found 2 others that were in Swindon. I called the shop and they informed me that they can put them aside so we can test drive them after work. We arrived around 6.30pm, again friendly serivce by a man called Mo, he was lovely throughout. I personally am always on a back burner when buying second hand cars but everything seemed ok. One of the cars had a dodgy seat that was failed to be mentioned but we noticed this during the test drive.
We decided on a car and was directed back to the seats, We then had to watch footage which was trying to sell us GuardEx. We said no and heard no more on the matter.
The next stage was then what ruined my excitement of buying a nice new car. The finance man, At first he was friendly and took my deposit. His words were then 'Now lets try and save you some money today' Funny that when all that followed was extras! . I am very wary of sales men and this gentleman was your perfect example. He was pushy, rude and i felt very patronized. When saying we would think about the warranty. He said 'No we are going to sort this tonight' This man did not appreciate it when i said no and at one point said i would be an idiot if i didn't take the gap insurance and also informed me that i couldn't come running back when something goes wrong with the car...
I had been given a loan from the bank that day so did not require their finance, again i had to say this several times before he accepted this.
Bearing in mind i knew two people that have purchased a car and have had no problems i continued with the purchase but left his office exhausted and frustrated with his attitude and customer service. We left the car shop at 10pm bearing in mind they close at 9pm.

We have a lovely car but its a big shame that the purchase was let down but the pushy finance worker when we was greeted and dealt with my a lovely gentleman earlier in the evening.

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