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Diet Chef

10lb in first week, can't argue with that.

I need to lose weight to a deadline and being very busy, do not have time or patience to start getting my head around all that "points mean prizes" nonsense of the weight loss clubs, so Diet Chefing for convenience. It is a good deal financially, I signed up for 4 months ( I'll need it for that long minimum) so c £50 per week...spend more stopping at the drive thru on the way home a couple of times a week and with other diet plans they sell you their wares left, right and centre. With this level of the Diet Chef plan, you add fresh food i.e. veg and fruit and dairy, whatever you have with dinner, i.e. rice or pasta. Everything else is supplied - breakfast, t-break snack, lunch, dinner, spare biscuit/snack for when you need it. Diet Chef dinner is ready in 2 minutes of microwaving. No time wasted and no work. I have no problems at all, it's suiting me very well and the food is lovely. The porridge fills me up, I have the large biscuit around 10, lunch is pretty filling and convenient as it can be no cook. Honestly, I'd give it a go. I'm not even trying. Not thinking about it. Having less work in the kitchen than normal. And I'm losing weight. Bingo.

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