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Why accept managed bad customer service?

I would like to voice my complaint about the way the gift cards work.
I was given a gift card for my birthday. As it is awkward me to get to a shop I tried to use the voucher online. I budgeted so that I wouldn't lose too much of the non refundable part and clicked to order to find out that the gift card wasn't accepted online. I telephoned an opertator from Whsmith who told me 'the facility to accept gift cards wasn't ready yet' and 'to try a high street store'.
I then phoned up a high street store and asked to order some books. I ordered the 5 books and was then told that giftcards weren't accepted over the phone and that I had to come in to the store.
The following week I made time to go into town and started to order the books at which point I realised the prices were much higher than the ones i'd found previously.
I asked the cashier if he could price match WHSmiths own prices and i was told no.
I suggested that technically I was still ordering online, just through the store computer instead because it is the only way to have my 'GIFT' card accepted.
He informed me that there was no way he could help in this situation other than for me to call customer services who might be able to see the customer running around in circles.
Customer services told me there was nothing they could do.
By now, i'm getting annoyed.
1. WHSmith confirm that the money is 100% kept within WHSmith at the point of Giftcard sale.
2. A huge amount will never be redeemed due to 'complications'
3. Any change from a not exact purchase is conveniently kept on the card which will be most likely lost or thrown away due to the insubstantial amount on the card.

And yet with all this money coming in, the receiver (birthday, wedding,happy occasion etc) is clamped with as many restrictions as it is possible to get away with to minimize their chance of getting a good value product back for the change in currency.

Who is Mr/Mrs WHSmith and why is this slight of hand allowed and enforced?

Thanks for your time

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