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Spot on - Good to know there is still some good companys out there!

I Ordered some darts products from these guys, and they was delivered within 48 hours with no problems at all. The items were well packaged and just as described.

Thank You PureDarts :)


Terrible Player - Full of pathetic adverts and splits programmes up to add even more adverts!

The idea of being able to watch SKY TV on your laptop anywhere sounds like a great idea right? well it would be if it wasnt such a drag to watch something online.

It starts well and you find what you want to watch, this is where is all goes downhill.
You click watch and they are bombarded with about 4 or 5 adverts.. always the same ones by the way.. so it soon becomes very annoying if you like to watch Sky go quite a bit. then just when you think its all going well and your enjoying your programme, it stops around 10 mins in... to yes youve guessed it, to show you some more adverts.. so you go and make a cuppa, and when you come back it says its bufffering.... but not just for a few seconds or even minutes? it seams to be downloading the whole of the 2nd part before it will play it? meaning your sat watching a blank screen for what can be 5 mins + ... In the end you just think ah sod this and switch it off, well i did any way... and it does this quite often... the player is the worst player ive ever seen used on the web by anyone, and SKY are meant to be one of the biggest out there so youd think they would have the best player! Any well done SKY youve ruined the experience!


Ebay is only interested in making money.. Im moving my Business to eBid

The fees on Ebay are a joke, in fact in todays market place where profit margins have plummeted , Ebay often makes more out of a sale than the actual person doing all the work , ie the Seller!

low cost items cost 40p to list, then you get hit with the 10% final value fee and then Paypal want to take you to the cleaners as well.

Ive got a feeling eBid could soon be in a position to take on Ebay in a serious way, with much fairer Fees for the sellers and easy listing of items including 5 Stores, no more trawling throw a massive page of options designed to take even more money out of your pocket like on Ebay.

i`ll be doing all my business there from now on, i suggest others take a look as you may be surprised at how much more money can be made by avoiding Ebay`s high Listing and final value fees.

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Great Betting Site - Shame the Servers Crash and cost us customers lots of money!

You cant go far wrong betting with Betfair, the prices are far higher than a general bookmakers but the real gem is you can play the role of the bookmaker, and back (lay) selections to lose, like Fallons next ride ;) This gives you the chance to make money trading the odds which is a way to guarantee a profit no matter who or what wins the event. If only Betfair could get their servers to be 100% reliable, it would be perfect! The only other drawback is the 5% commission they take form your winnings, but the bigger prices usually make up for this and more.

And no i dont work for them... unless they want to offer me a role ;)

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Another company not paying out the sign up Bonus, STAY AWAY!

I signed up with the promise of a No deposit bonus, only for it to never be credited, How do they get away with it?

Very Poor.. I`ll take my business elsewhere!


Very Poor - wouldnt even give me my sign up bonus

I would say stay well clear of this website, I signed up through google because they promise you 'Free £10 now' but after i signed up , no sign of this bonus, and after speaking to online help i was told i had to wait 72 hours, so fair enough, after pointing out that they may want to change the google advertising as it was misleading i left and waited 72 hours, still no bonus, after speaking with online help i was told i should have got the bonus straight away? so i said fair enough just give it to me now then? ah not as easy as that, it will now take 24 hours... and so on it went... being fobbed off and continuously asked if id like to make a desposit and they would give me another Bonus? to which i declined as if they cant give you their promised sign up bonus, who`s to say you will get any bonus from these guys? Stay well clear!

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