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Good service in general but improvements can definitely be made

We've recently started using Trustpilot as a paying business customer. The experience for customers reviewing our service is generally great, and easy to use, and it's been helpful for potential customers to be able to read previous customers' reviews of our company.

However, as a business customer I've been disappointed by a number of things:

- The business website is quite buggy and awkward (logging in etc is not very smooth and it's not clear what the default password is and how to change it)

- The pricing is not transparent, with only the basic plan having an a price shown on the website. I think it would be much better if all price plans were transparently shown on the website rather than having to have to direct contact with Trustpilot in order to receive a quote

- The pricing is generally too high for what should largely be an automated service. I imagine this is because Trustpilot are leaders in a new market, and that the price will come down over time as new competitors emerge

- It's very surprising and annoying that it's not possible to pay online on a monthly basis. The fact that prices are quoted on a monthly basis, but then billing is quarterly (and manual) is very odd. For an online company this could be much better.

- It's annoying and inefficient to be called by a salesperson after you sign up for a free trial. For this kind of business there is no need for direct contact with a human and I would rather Trustpilot spent their money on making a better automated online experience instead of hiring salespeople to bother me with calls I don't want or need

25 January 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Jamie,

Thanks for your constructive feedback. I'm happy to hear that our product works well for you, and your feedback is useful for us to identify areas we need to improve.

I shared your thoughts with our product team, who found the feedback really useful. Summing up, most of your feedback regards usability, pricing and internal processes. There's no quick fixes for any of those topics, so I won't give you a promise here and now about when and how we will improve things. But I can assure you that we'll work hard to make things better.

We believe our pricing is at the right level. On a general note: Whoever you do business you'll get the impression that prices are too high, if you are not fully satisfied with the level of service. I hope that we are able to show you that you get value for money over the next months.

Thanks again for your input. Highly appreciated!

Joakim Ditlev

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