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I'll never use Menkind again...ever.

My experience with Menkind:
1. Menkind's website malfunctioned, so my registration form was incomplete so I couldn't place an order online despite six attempts.
2. I called Menkind to place an order over the phone and only then understood why the website order wasn't being processed, no reason was giving on the website (The reason was to do with Menkind's application form not registering that I had filled in the Last Name box on the billing and delivery details part of the form).
3. I ordered an item (on the 17th Jan) with express delivery over the phone, only to find out later that this was unavailable with my item, despite already paying.
4. On the 22rd of January, I called Menkind 10 times before speaking to someone. This was as I had not had an order saying my item had been dispatched and I got worried. False information was giving on the website: It states "Our Orderline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week" and it states "For non order related queries please use the customer support enquiry form." Therefore it seems logical that for ANY order related queries you would call the Orderline. However, I discovered that if you have in fact made an order, the office to call is not the Orderline and is only open from 9-5. Despite calling 10 times before 10am the phone was picked up twice. The first time it was disconnected (No I did not receive a call back despite having given the lady on the phone my contact information, such as my name and order number). The second time, I was informed that despite ordering my product over the phone, it had not gone through the system and so the order had not been forwarded to the company that is contracted to make the item. I was advised to reorder the item, despite needing it for my four year anniversary, which was being celebrated the following day (I called on the 22nd, anniversary on the 23rd). After explaining the urgency of the situation Chloe Martin, Menkind Customer Services Advisor and the only competent person at this company, refunded my P&P costs, made a huge effort to reoorder my item and ship it out from the factory first class so that it arrived in time for my anniversary. Had I got through to Menkind later in the day (I called around 10am) Chloe informed me that this most probably would not have been possible.
5. I have told all my family and friends about this ordeal, how I was not alerted that my order hadn't been processed, how I was wrongly charged for P&P, how Menkind's office hours are not correctly stated on their ill-functioning website, how workers ignore the phone ringing, how Menkind prioritises new and not returning customers and how in general Menkind is the worst online store I have ever come across.

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04 February 2013

Reply from Menkind

Dear Katie

Thank you for your comments, we are very sorry to hear your experience with Menkind has not been a happy one.

Unfortunately, we did experience a technical issue with the item you ordered, which meant we had no knowledge of your order until you contacted us. Our development team were contacted about this straight away and the “bug” has now been rectified on our site.

The order line you mention is simply available to place an order, as advertised, not a customer services line. However, we have now changed our website copy to advise everyone to use the contact form – not just “non-order enquiries” – as this form goes through to our customer services team who will be happy to help with all customer enquiries.

Post-Christmas, our Customer Services team are extremely busy as you can imagine, but our team answer as many calls as they can unless everyone is on a call at that point in time – unfortunately, this does happen at this time of the year and we apologise for any difficulty you had trying to reach our team by phone.

As you know, your delivery charge was refunded and Chloe did resolve the situation. We are also aware “Express Delivery” isn't always clear on some personalised items on our website and customers often believe goods will be delivered the next day. We are currently looking into making delivery times for these items clearer to avoid any customer disappointment in future.

We would like to take this opportunity again to apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused and hope to make some simple changes to stop this happening again. Thank you again for leaving your feedback, it is very appreciated in helping us improve all areas of our business.

Kind regards,

The Menkind Team

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