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tea potatoes problems

we like sainsburys but I would like to know why your loose leaf assam tea is more expensive than than other loose leaf teas,my person belief is that it is because it is more popular?the tea itself is probably the best of all supermarkets but over the past few years the quality has gone down is there a little mixing of varieties or just a slightly lower grade of tea?
As a retired market gardener I would like to complain about the potatoes you sell as new in your supermarkets these potatoes coming from farms in scotland are listed as new!! they look suspiciously like the potatoes we used to take off the bottom of the riddle and fed to the pigs how can they be new ?and so expensive?
just another super market con!.
I would say we do not buy veg or fruit from supermarkets because we grow our own thank goodness as the prices are too high.and the flavour so much better!

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