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don't touch them with a bargepole!

I bought a Seagate external hardrive via Groupon from Box, which turned out to be faulty. Returned the item in November and have had to pester them ever since for a refund of postage (got the refund from Groupon for the actual item, but had to chase that as well as Box had not sent them authorisation for a refund. I had to contact Groupn myself to organise it and they refunded me straight away). In the last week Box have finally given me the original p&p cost back after months of nagging, but refused to refund me the cost of returning the item. CAB says that as it's faulty, I am entitled to a refund of this too, so I fight on for the sake of £6.52!
Awful company to deal with, they take ages to reply to emails and when they do reply it's short and not-so-sweet. I'll never buy from them again and would not recommend them to anyone.

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