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Dont use Holiday Autos, read about their rip offs in my letter to them below

Just when I thought I had seen every scam, sharp practice and rip off that Holiday Autoes could throw at me, you come up with an absolute beauty. You should be really proud of yourself because this must have made you millions of pounds whilst distressing thousands of your customers, not just me. Before I continue, I ask that in any response to me you don’t insult me by saving it is nothing to do with you and it’s your suppliers. Or tell me it’s on the terms and conditions. I run my own business and when a client deals with our company we are responsible for all parts of the supply chain. I would not expect to complain to a supermarket to be told to go and speak to the farmer. I know that you are aware, understand and agree to all charges, conditions and operating practices of the car hire companies. When I book a car through Holiday Autoes that is exactly what I do.
If you (like at my company) did not agree with the terms of a supplier then you can either get them to change the way they operate or you could drop them as a supplier, from this I conclude that you have sat down with them at formal meetings and agreed all charges and ways of working, you have therefore agreed to these scams. If not, your set up is amateurish.
The scam that has really got me angry this time is arriving to pick up my car, after paying for everything I wanted on line to be hit with additional costs of 196 euros (in case you think this is a typo, you are right one hundred and ninety six euros.)
We travelled on one of the busiest Fridays of the season Friday 27th July, to one of the busiest airports Alicante, at the busiest of times, after work on Friday. When I picked up my car, the airport was packed with families picking up cars and after waiting for an hour was charged an additional 35uros (thirty five euros) it appeared on the bill as “others” when I challenged this I was told it was because It was late. Now let me remind you of something, it was “peak time”, peak season and the airport was packed so why did you charge me 35 euros extra? I could understand if it was 4am at an airport that was closed but this was the main pick up period. This scam is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself. Is it your policy to try and ruin hard working customers holidays before they have even begun? And before you try, in your usual way, of distancing yourself from all your responsibilities, I would also like to mention that friends on the same flight as us who booked their car through another company, not Holiday Autos, were not charged this 35 Euros.
I want this 35 Euros refunding to me.
The second part of your scam was the additional driver cover on the policy. You can’t go on a family holiday and not have additional insurance cover. If the main driver was not able to drive (sprained ankle for example) then you have to make sure you can legally drive. We were charged 44 euros for this. Now to put this into context, only one person can drive the car at a time and my wife driving is no more likely to have an accident than me so why were we charged a rate equivalent to 1,606 euros a year. This is over 4 times my fully comprehensible insurance cost at home to drive. And this is an extra don’t forget on top of the car hire cost which was inclusive of insurance. You can’t say it is an admin charge at this rate. Also, my wife put herself down as second driver on our friends car, the family who did not book through Holiday autoes and they were charged 20 Euros, so explain why the same person is charged twice as much through Holiday Autoes
I want 22 Euros refunded to me for this overcharge compared to other companies
The third part of your scam is the fuel charge. We were charged 117 Euros for fuel we did not want or need. As well as the rip off factor, I would also like to question your corporate responsibility.
According to my research, the fuel tank size of the Berlingo is 60 litres. The cost of fuel at the time of the trip was 1.40 per litre which equates to 84 Euros. You charged me 117 Euros, a difference of 33 Euros. What a rip off.
I want this 33 Euros refunding to me.
No one can dive a car and return it empty, this is impossible for obvious reasons, at the best there would be 5 litres left in the tank. How dare you charge for the full 60 litres when nobody can or would risk driving to empty?
I want 7 Euros refunding to me to cover the fuel that is always left in a tank
A full tank covers 1145 km, how many people do you know who drive this distance on a beach family holiday. We have been charged this amount before by Holiday Autoes for a 5 day holiday. This would equate to an annual mileage of 84,000 km. We did not want this fuel yet we were charged for it. In the past you have said that some customers prefer to do it this way, well firstly I have never spoken to anybody who has said that, and secondly, if that is true you should allow customers to choose. It would be a 2 minute job to add to the website the fuel policy choice to enable people to return the car full or empty, the fact that you don’t provide this choice proves to me you are part of this fuel rip off and profiting from it. My company creates websites so I know this to be a very simple job.
I want 30 Euros refunding for the ¼ tank of fuel I was unable to use.
What infuriates almost as much as your contempt for your customers and your clear determination to rip each and every one off as much as possible, is your contempt for the planet we live on. It is now proven the link between carbon emissions and global warming yet your fuel policies actively encourage people to use more fuel than they need, you will frequently hear the phrase “we might as well drive as we have paid for the fuel” How can you sleep at night knowing you are contributing to the death of the planet just so you can dishonestly make a few extra pounds, do you not have any corporate responsibility at all. Do you not care about the next generation who will inherit the planet from the rest of us?
I wonder if you have a mission statement to “ruin family holidays and destroy the planet”
Please contact me to arrange the refund of the 127 euros I have been unjustly charged and to explain what changes you are planning to make to the way you operate.

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