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Horrible customer service

Dispatch was slow. I'm lead to believe they order in things as orders are placed so don't actually have anything in stock. Their automated email communication is awful, the staff on the phone promised to call back within the hour (I'm still waiting), I was never sent tracking details and when I emailed to ask for them they only replied after delivery was attempted and with a simple copy/paste mail. Absolutely no personal communication in the email. Delivery was a day after they "guaranteed" it would be here. Then they tried to pawn this off on the courier even though 118golf dispatched the item well after UPS last collection for next day delivery. Avoid like the plague. It's worth paying an extra 10% on certain hard to find items if it means I don't need to deal with horrible staff and slow delivery.

Interlink Express

Easily the worst delivery company I've ever dealt with.

Unfortunately the seller I bought my item from had only one delivery option otherwise I would've selected a better - faster- delivery method. It's the fourth time I've had to deal with this company and none of them have been particularly pleasant.

The email I got confirming my delivery said that "on the morning of delivery you will be able to check your one hour delivery slot". Here I am on the day of delivery with no time slot anywhere to be found. The online tracking is atrociously inaccurate. At 1.30pm when I checked the tracker it said the parcel was in Birmingham at 1.26am. Then at 2pm when I checked it said it arrived in Aberdeen at 11.53am. Hardly worth having a tracking system if it takes 2 hours to upload updates.

Having waited until 4pm with no time slot and no change in tracking status asside from "Arrived at delivery depot" 4 hours ago I decided to give the customer service team a phone call. The first woman I got was polite enough. I asked her if she knew what time it would get delivered today since I haven't been given a time slot and for some bizarre reason I was hung up on. I concluded we may have been disconnected so I tried calling again. No sooner had I repeated my spiel about the lack of timeslot and I was hung up on again. Third time lucky, I tried again, Alas a different person and was told she didn't know a time but it'd definitely be delivered today before 5pm. Then she decided actually it wouldn't be leaving the depot today as it wasn't in Aberdeen before Noon. 11.53am is apparently afternoon now. After I pointed this out she then changed her mind back to it certainly being delivered today but that I would receive an email before 5pm with the timeslot details.

Now here I am after my "timeslot" ,that may very well have been made up, with no email, no parcel, no update to tracking and no further light shed on the reasons it hasn't been delivered today.

Absolute shambles of a company with rude, unhelpful customer service staff that wouldn't know customer service if it slapped them in the face.

28 January 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi David,

I'm sorry to hear that this has been your experience of Interlink Express. I have just checked, and see that the parcel was delivered at around midday on Friday - was everything okay when we visited you?

Please drop us an email to socialmedia@interlinkexpress.com if you require any assistance - please include your parcel reference number and a phone number.

Many thanks,


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