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Just phoned Yodel's "customer service" line (now there's a misnomer if ever I heard one....) to find out why my parcel hasn't been delivered today as promised. They confirmed what the tracking details say - that it's been in the local depot (a 25 minute drive from here) for the last 36 hours!! The unhelpful guy on the phone suggested that maybe they had forgotten to put the parcel on a truck and that I should have phoned up yesterday to remind them to send the parcel out today! Why the hell would I have to phone a Courier service to remind them to do their job?!

Apparently my complaint is in a queue (because no supervisors or managers were present to take the complaint in person) and someone should respond within 24 hours. I expressed the hope that their ability to return phone calls would be better than their ability to deliver parcels. When I asked to speak to the depot directly, I was told that they don't have a number for them as they only communicate via messages and that maybe I should try the internet to find a number.

Totally useless! I've now lost a day, waiting in for a parcel that hasn't arrived (and at £400, it's not a cheap item to wait for!) but judging my comments elsewhere, I'm one of the lucky ones. The sooner Amazon stop using this pathetic excuse for a company, the better.

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