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Fantastic customer service

I can't remember ever coming across a customer service as good as this company. After having problems with the delivery company loosing my item, Sweatband were fast and efficient at resolving the issue. Even phoning to check everything was ok after I received the item. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Brilliant and thanks.


Abysmal beyond belief.

Sorry in advance for the long post... but here goes. Ordered an exercise bike from a reputable fitness company purely because it was next day delivery and i had a day off work on that day. Received an email with delivery details. Checked the tracking for the parcel on the morning which informed me of an Tuesday AM delivery. Waited... waited, no parcel. Phoned them up at the Depot around 5 p.m. to double check... no answer. Tried a couple of more times then it started going straight to answer machine. I had to leave it for my partner to sort out the next day as i was back to work.

My partner phoned up next morning after checking tracking which stated "Exception- Service fail". After speaking to someone at the depot they explained that they couldn't deliver because our roads were blocked. This was news to us as my partner had been in and out in the car much of the day. Anyway the delivery was coming that day on the Wednesday AM delivery. At last it was delivered. Went home that night from work to a parcel that looked like it had fallen out of the back of the truck, bits hanging out the box, sides open, holes in the corners and front. Had a mini argument with my partner as the driver got her to sign for the parcel before she saw it or took it from the van. I told her she should not of signed without making a note about the condition. I took photos of the parcel before i opened it to be on the safe side then began to check the contents for damage. This is when i realised that it was in fact not an exercise bike but a set of chairs. Phoned again around 5pm and after several attempts finally got through. Explained the situation and they apologised saying that they would send the driver back next day with the bike and take away the parcel i had.

Thursday, waiting for yet again... an AM delivery... still doesn't turn up. Phone yet again around 4pm, trying to find out what is going on. After several attempts again finally get through. I'm told sorry again stating we should of had it in the morning. They then tell me that they'll phone the driver to see where he's at and get straight back to me... surprise, they don't. Try phoning again and again... then realize that were just wasting our time. About 7pm, the driver turns up to take the package away... but unbelievably... still doesn't have the exercise bike. He then informs us that "they've lost it and can't find it anywhere.. but not to worry..It'll probably turn up at some point"... and that's as much information i have. Between my partner and myself, we’ve wasted three days sitting waiting for a parcel that didn't come.

I will never again buy from a company who use this dispatch company to deliver their parcels. Absolutely shocking beyond belief. I'll be phoning the company i bought the bike from in the morning requesting my money back. Steer clear.

In reply to Xpd sales: I've never heard of a parcel company where it gets to the stage that I have to start sending emails to get a package delivery sorted. Maybe a phone number that people will actually answer might help. This is fourth day of the next day delivery... Starting to wait for you to respond to emails is not going to happen.

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25 January 2013

Reply from

Mark this is not the normal practice of XDP, there are several things you mentioned here that we would like to look into, could i ask that you email with your consignment number or postcode so we can investigate the depot concerned. Thankyou Jennifer

The emails to are monitored and action on receipt which is why I had asked you to email some information for us to look at from our end and get it sorted for you.

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