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APPAULED and DEVASTATED Arthur Daly and Del Boy Trotter would give better service!

We have a property which we are converting into a domestic residence but live 4 hours away.We went down in October and foolishly purchased a complete bathroom suite from BBS at a cost of £746 .First off,two sinks arrived so we contacted them and they arranged a collection for the extra sink then the rest arrived on a palette,the bath panel was wrapped in clear polythene and was badly damaged,the delivery man said he could not take it back and we were to contact BBS which we did only to be told we had to email pictures of the damaged item which we did they then sent a replacement..We left the suite in its packaging as the bathroom was not due to be fitted until early December and we had to return home as we run a business and obviously had no bathing facilities at that point the plan was to have the bathroom ready for Christmas so we could spend Christmas there with our terminally ill 14 year old dog but when the plumber came to unpack the suite to fit it,the bath was all smashed and unusable I telephoned BBS and explained the situation only to be told point blank that they would not do anything about it as I ahould have reported it within 7 days and if I wanted a replacement I would have to pay!I reiterated the fact we live 200 miles away and did not unpack as it was not due to be fitted until December but they still rudely refused to help in any way.I then e mailed the"cutomer services manager"hahaha [Name removed] who also replied very rudely using my first name and basically telling me if I want another bath I have to pay they have robbed me of £746 I bought the suite in good faith and have been sent damaged unusable goods I have had to pay the plumber even though he has not fitted the suite as he had allocated the time,Christmas was totally ruined as we could not go down as planned as we have no bathroom facilities and still haven't because the bath was a shower bath and very expensive and now I have had the additional expense of paying the plumber I cannot afford another bath or to pay to fit the suite at this time I am devastated and appauled at the way I have been treated by this cowboy company they should not be allowed to trade they also charged me TWICE on my credit card which I also had to chase them up about BE WARNED!I am now going to seek legal advice .

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29 January 2013

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Further to my contact with you;
I advised that in (Section 11) of our Terms and Conditions, this advises our customers to let us know about damaged items within 7 days of receipt.
As your notification of this was not received for some time after delivery, this unfortunately fell outside of our guidelines and we were unable to assist.
With regards to the payment issue; I see that on the 28th October two orders were placed by yourself for the same value. The duplicate order was cancelled and refunded on the 30th October. We can assure you that our systems are secure, which means no customer will ever be debited without their authorisation.
All remaining issues were dealt with as soon as they were brought to our attention. Things do go wrong from time to time but we pride ourselves on resolving these as quickly as possible.
The Big Bathroom Team

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