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Refused claim

I had sent a computer to my parents. It went via UPS. The computer arrived at my parents completely damaged. I contacted UPS and they were apologetic and said that there would be no problem to refund the costs of the computer and the postage. Unfortunately they could only refund the money to the InterParcel as they were the people who it was booked under.

I phoned InterParcel, and got an extremely rude lady on the phone who straight away said that computers were not covered in their policy and therefore I had no right to a claim. I explained to the lady that I had contacted UPS and they are willing to pay if a claim was put through. I was told that they would not put a claim in for me.

I told her that most other parcel companies allow for sending of computers, and that how could they have a clause like that when all they are is a broker. They don't even handle the parcels at all. They should allow for claims that the courier companies allow not just make up their own exclusions. She basically put the phone down on me after that.

I contacted UPS back and told them that they should not proceed with the claim as I did not want InterParcel getting money back that they would not pass back to the customer.

I always used to use InterParcel. After this incident I have gone elsewhere, even if it is slightly more I would rather pay money to companies that have a better idea of customer service, and exclusions that are acceptable.

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