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Pet Supermarket

Be wary of companies that use Yodel for delivery.

The worst delivery service i have ever had. The first order was never delivered even though Yodel claimed it was. Then by the time i had finished contacting Yodel & then Petsupermarket followed by downloading, scanning and returning claim form i had almost lost the will to live. Eventually they sent out my reorder which did arrive after several days only to find that the box marked fragile was damaged and the container of synequine which cost me £120 was also damaged, the base being shattered, which then ment i had to go out and buy another container to put it in. I Have yet to meet anyone that has a good thing to say about Yodel.
I contacted Petsupermarket to let them know it had arrived but was damaged and at the very least expected an apology but they didn't bother to reply. It seems that as long as it arrived it doesn't matter to them what condition it's in. Even though i have ordered petfood from them on other occasions and not had a problem with them i was disappointed with them over the synequine order which became urgent as it took them so long to sort out. I will not order it from them again.

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