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Really Good Prices & Good Service

After looking around for a Canon 650D was trying to get it for the cheapest price so I ended up looking a the prices seemed too good to be true but after researching found that some ppl may of had problems but that was from years ago from then the company has become a lot more better and easier to understand.

So I went and ordered the Canon 650D with 18-135mm STM lens came to around £609 and that was including shipping which was done by DHL. Very good service I must say they have also included their own 1 Year Warranty with the product which they include in the box of your package.

It took about 3 days for the package, it was sent on Friday arrived on to my house on Tuesday so really good delivery and everything was fine tested out everything first and was looking really good.

Had to order extra bits for the camera though .

City Link

Worst Service Ever

Ordered something from Tesco they took ages to send out my delivery due to a credit check so not much to do with them but got the call that City Link was delivering my new Phone on the 23rd of Jan waiting in my house like a douche and nothing arrived so I tried to call and all kept saying was what the tracking said. Figured I should try calling the depo which isn't really far from my house they just talked some jiberish that was basically saying your package should be delivered tomorrow which was the 24th still nothing check the tracking number and then phoned up again that day they seemed to have miss placed the package and now they are looking through security footage (any good that will do you) and had to call up Tesco to tell them to send me out a replacement, they said that you will get an email once the courier has picked up the package seems like I haven't got that email which they said I should have got on Thursday and then on Friday the same thing. So they say my package should be delivered Today which is Saturday so will wait and see what happens today, Will also call up tesco in the morning to see if they have the package and its been send. OTHERWISE I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO BE PISSED OFF. I HATE HAVING TO WAIT FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY MAIL.

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