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Could have been good....but was a nightmare. Terrible customer service!

I ordered a bunk-bed and 2 mattresses with the option of free next day delivery just over a week before Xmas. The item said 10% off mattress orders with this product.
When I rang through to order I was told there is no offer on mattresses, even though it clearly stated there was? OK so, I placed my order anyway, only to be told they couldn't deliver for 3 days, again I thought OK, as long as we get it before Xmas, I'd have to accept that.
So the delivery was set for the 21st Dec, 8am-6pm, a nice handy delivery slot, NOT! On the day the mattresses arrived first half way through the day. I ordered 2 of the same, as you would expect, I received 2 different ones, and one had torn packaging and the mattress was torn and damp and had black mould on it and it Stank! I wouldn't let my dog sleep on it. I cannot believe anyone would send this out and think t was acceptable?
So the phone calls began!!! 20 min waiting only to be told that I would have to e.mail pictures to them, which I did immediately. I then received a stock e.mail back saying they would look into it. I rang them back to see if the bed itself was on the way, only to be to be given a courier company number to call. The bed finally arrived at 7.10pm, not bad considering I had been waiting from 8am. 5 boxes and all dented and damaged. I just hoped it hadn't gone through to the bed itself.When I did open it there were lots of dents on the wooden panels and one of the corners had a large chunk splintered off. I needed the bed so assembled and managed to hide most of the damage, except the large chunk.

I had to chase the mattress problem over the next few days only to be told they couldn't get a new one out till the 28th Dec! I had wanted the bed over Xmas.
I waited in on the 28th, no show, loads of phone calls again and all blame placed on the supplier etc. re-booked for Mon 7th, phone call on Mon 7th, guess what, they can't make today, but will be out tomorrow, Tues 8th comes, phone call in the morning...............surprise they couldn't make it again, I was so angry by now, I didn't even want to speak to them. They promised the next day, Wed and that they would give me a courtesy call in the morning with an ETA etc. No phone call, but the mattress did arrive.
I will never deal with this company again, I work in Customer service and cannot believe how they treat their customers, the worse thing I felt was that I never once received an apology, the word Sorry was never even muttered.
They now have the audacity to ask me to review the service I received. I will be warning as many people as I can not to deal with this company.


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28 January 2013

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Dear Chris Toff Blatch

Thank you for your feedback, I sincerely apologize as you did not receive the delivery on the date specified and had issues with the items.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused and please allow me to look into your order and to contact you to resolve this matter for you.

Once again I do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

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