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chocs away!!

I am writing about Tesco Westwood store ,Scarborough.I used to shop there regularly ,spending about 170-200 pounds weekly.Accessing the store on foot is a nightmare,you have to walk round the entire outside of the store,the main doors are round the back.I returned a blind I had bought to customer services,the woman was so horrible,and you would have thought that she was refunding me from her own pocket.There was some fittings missing,but she talked down to me,and I was offended.Another time i was in store choosing Easter eggs for 15 people,so was spending a bit of time in that aisle.An assistant was re-stocking with a large trolley in the centre of the aisle.She was looking very stressed,and was obviously displeased with me looking at the display with my trolley.She was only doing her job,but it was her face,as though I was in the way.I went elsewhere.The next incident was awful.I was in the store with 5 children,and an assistant was stocking the biscuit aisle.There was a packet of broken biscuits on a shelf,and my little girl picked up a broken piece and ate it.Well,the assistant went to town on me,saying she could call the police,it was theft,and was so wrong.I was so upset,I wsa actually buying mobile phones and the weekly shop,and I put everything back and left the store crying,and shouting at my little girl.I have never ,ever,been in there again,or shopped at Tesco in any other way.Also,at that store,if you need to call a taxi,you have to wait outside on the ramp in all weathers.They are taking over our town too,it will be the final nail in the coffin for Scarborough,I can tell you.

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