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UK Mail

Awful service

This lot are jokers.
When you can actually get through on their phoneline they are not very friendly or helpful.
I am still waiting for my supposed next-day delivery over a week later, and their website tracker still has my expected delivery date as last week. No use at all, no communication from them about when I can expect it, nothing at all. They are completely inept.
I have wasted two mornings of my life sitting in waiting for a delivery that never arrived, they don't even have the organisational capability to communicate with you when your delivery is delayed.
Their website tracker is totally pointless.
I spoke to the retailer (who are nearly as useless) and they told me they've been having a lot of problems with UKMail, so if you can avoid it DO NOT use them!

You're better off walking and collecting it yourself.

T Mobile


I upgraded a few weeks ago, decided to get an iPad mini.
I waited quite a lot time before they sent one out, but this is probably not entirely their fault as they are in demand.
However, after spending a morning in waiting for a delivery that failed to materialise, I called the couriers and found that t-mobile had not given them the right address so they would not deliver. Mistake #1.
I called t-mobile; after an eternity waiting on hold listening to terrible indie folk music, being passed over three times, then cut off (they did not call back, I had to ring again) I finally spoke to a friendly simpleton who told me she had rectified the address and that I could expect delivery the next day.

It did not show up.

I called back the next day and found out my address had not been corrected. Mistake #2.

I then ring up three further times over that week. The first time I was on hold so long I gave up. The second time I explained it all over again and the advisor had no record of any of this so I gave up and told them I no longer want it. She told me she would arrange it all and call me back. She did not call back. Mistake #3.

I then discover, to my delight, that I have been charged £260 for the bloody thing, even though it was supposed to cost me £79. Mistake #4

I call back AGAIN and am told that they cannot cancel the order until I have had delivery of the iPad and then sent it back to them. I said no way am I taking more time out to wait in for another delivery. And no way on earth am I paying my huge bill. They didn't have much to say to that, and really didn't sound like they cared much.
So far it stil hasn't arrived anyway as UkMail as just as incompetent as t-mobile, if not more so.
I am considering walking away from t-mobile and going elsewhere. Never mind the rest of my contract, I don't care.

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