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Morally & Ethically Bankrupt

Continued with this company when moved into the property. Last year I tried to switch to dual-fuel with them. After 4 months of waiting I finally got a letter back saying they couldn't do it for 'technical reasons' (their new computer system says 'no') but they had happily locked my energy account in till January 14.

Got a letter in May/June time saying that although they'd frozen my energy prices (as above) they were putting them up anyway...Was advised that if I didn't like it the £30 to cancel the contract still applied to me (shame the T&C's still apply to the customer when the company can do whatever it likes).

A month later my direct debit randomly jumped from £31 a month to £80!! Phoned up to query this, it transpires they've been under charging me for the last 14 months and are now squeezing blood to get the money back. Guess the kids aren't getting their bread and rice this month.

God knows how the Directors sleep at night. If I worked for such a Morally vacuous organisation I'd leave to pursue a career in Banking!

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Awful thieves

Another story of a customer stolen from by this company.

Another package sent by Yodel, marked as 'delivered' on their system yet no sign of it. - I asked Yodel where my package was, they said they left it 'behind a pot', I don't own any pots, neither do any of my neighbours.

Called SportsDirect, after 40 mins waiting they told me they'd investigate and get back to me, they didn't.

Still waiting for a refund I know I will not receive. Definitely need to speak to watchdog/ombudsmen because this is nothing short of blatant theft and time wasting.

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