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An inherent total lack of putting the customer first.
Ring them, they are very busy, will ring me back. Ok good. They ring me back and eventually put me through to an advisor,........ who immediately hangs up!
Write to customer services through web site, promised reply within a number of days. No reply received to any of the last three emails!
They have been investigating a mistake they made with an erroneous transfer going back to mid December. Despite 'it will be sorted out within a couple of weeks', and numerous phone and email contacts, nothing happens, nobody contacts me to explain, and I am stuck in no mans land.
It's like fighting fog, you just don't get anywhere! Some of the individuals I have spoken to have been very helpful and sympathetic, but seem powerless to act, to do anything about this rudderless ship full of navel gazing, apathy, and arrogance. If there is anyone from Scottish Power who reads these pleas for help from real customers, please do something about my issues, and by the sound of it, many of the others that need attention. Trustpilot should send all these reviews through to Scottish Power enbloc!
If you feel the need to go direct to the top person in customer services at Scottish Power, can I suggest you email their Director, who I'm sure will solve all your problems..!

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Tried to write a review about the worst energy supplier in the world, but your site didn't make it easy for me

I like the idea of Trustpilot, but when I wrote a comprehensive review about F U, a lousy utility company, to warn people to avoid them at all costs, your site made it very difficult for me, and I certainly wondered whose side you were on. It wouldn't recognise my account number, and I lost the text once, but as I had saved it, I managed to get it on there by adding it as a 'comment' to a review by someone else, who had written an AVOID notice too! Three stars for now, but will be back to try you again.

A breath of fresh air! The customer certainly comes first at

An Excellent transaction from start to finish! Great web site, fantastic communications, and everything went to plan, or even better than plan.
A top business that does exactly what it promises. I wish I was a shareholder!

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