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Cheap prices but I hate DRM

Steam is the biggest digital download company for games at the moment and they're expanding to offer software as well. Unfortunately, their service is incredibly restrictive, and while in theory you can play games offline, often it doesn't work like that. If the Steam server is busy you might be locked out of your game.

In addition, the client frequently ignores your wishes when it comes to patches. Telling it not to patch a certain game doesn't always work, so you end up being forced to update to the latest patch even if that patch breaks the game for your setup.

Personally, I'll stick to a DRM free service such as GOG.

Identity Guard®

Great value for peace of mind

I have had the Identity Guard service for a while now. I started with the Essentials service, which I was given as part of an offer from my ISP (Comcast). I was impressed with the tools and calculators and the basic protection services so I upgraded, and I've never looked back since.

I travel a lot as a part of my job and over the last few years I've had cards cloned, passwords stolen, and even people try to take out car insurance in my name. I don't drive and I still can't figure out why anyone would do that - loans or credit cards, yes... but steal someone's ID for insurance? So far I've been fairly lucky in that I have not suffered any serious financial damage as a result of these problems, but it is stressful and time consuming getting it sorted out. Identity Guard is a big help because it alerts you to problems quickly, and the sooner you act the easier it is to nip the problem in the bud.

It's worth every penny for the peace of mind.


Fast and stable server and handy VPN!

I use Feralhosting partly for the seedbox (for hosting legit game patch torrents for my clan), and partly for the VPN. The seedboxes offer brilliant upload speeds, and the VPN is fast and reliable. The prices are slightly higher than what I paid for my previous host, but they're worth every penny. I've used their services for more than one year and only once had to contact support - who resolved my problem quickly. I highly recommend this service.


Great prices but slow digital delivery

I use Amazon a lot for digital downloads, and while the prices are amazing, the delivery of digital products has been rather slow of late. On three out of every four purchases I encounter the "Processing this transaction is taking longer than expected" message, and have to wait as long as four hours before the Steam or Origin code for my game appears in the software library.

Still, I can't complain too much considering their bargain prices and the prompt availability of pre-order titles.

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