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Fast delivery and great value

I have been using viovet on and off for boy cat Tatty (RIP) was found to be you can imagine it was already a thousand pounds just to diagnose his insulin was 7iu's twice a day and then the needles on top was very expensive..the vet told us to use 1 needle for two insulin jabs..this I felt bad for one day someone said go online and check...and we did although we didn't get the insulin online we found the needles at half the price!!!! so we got them and Tatty had a fresh needle each jab which made me feel so much better...vio vet were fast and had an easy system to order from...and we stayed, we get our cat biscuits off them so much cheaper than the vets!!...they are fast and have never had an issue with them...please do check out viovet in your pet's time of need they are there to help with the financial side as well as offering top quality produce. thankyou viovet.

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