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The Absolutely WORST (Dis) organisation I've EVER encountered!!

How incompetent, and incredibly awful is very!!!!!

I saw a ring on very, a 1 carat, 9carat white gold engagement ring priced at £2,400 but on sale for £1200. Supposed to be flying to lanzarote in a few weeks and want to surprise girlfriend by proposing while away. SI had an account with a £400 credit, so I went through the ordering process and selected buy now pay later. Order accepted. 24 hours later I check back, order rejected. I called. Rejected as only had £400 credit limit. Explained I selected BNPL, told couldn't have with only £400 limit, order cancelled. Tried again, selected pay now using debit card. Paid. Order accepted. check back next day, credit rejected. Called. Apparently they couldn't say why. Order cancelled. Then I get my debit card rejected at b&q, spend 45 minutes at till sorting out to find out, my banks fraud team had stopped my card due to an unrecognised payment of £1200. Called very back, they haven't any record if a payment being requested or order made!! Gave up. Got girlfriend to apply, she got £1500 credit limit given. Ordered ring using BNPL. Order accepred. checked Next day, credit rejected. Called very told was a high amount so credit check required (even though they obviously did a credit check to give a £1500 limit on her account as opposed to the £400 they gave me on my account!). Credit check completed. went back online and replaced order. order accepted. checked next day order disappeared, no record of order placed, tried to replace order to find ring no longer in sale but back on £2400. Called customer service and explained. Agent checked and agreed to reorder at same price. .order replaced over the phone by agent who checked stock, confirmed order completed and confirmed delivery date. Received order/delivery confirmation by email. Hurrah! Checked again tonight, 'free' offer item dispatched for delivery today (hadn't arrived as of 10pm), RING now states 'Sorry, no longer available'!!!!! Item no longer listed on site at any price. Called very told 'oh, sorry our supplier must have stopped making them'...........at no point in all this did I receive ANY notification at ANY time that ANY of these orders were rejected, stopped, cancelled or no longer available!! So now, my bank has £1200 'locked' till they receive notification from very or until it drops of after SEVEN days AND NO RING!!! How can an organisation like this treat customers like this!! My girlfriend is devastated!!! I HATE Very!!

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