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changed system now for the better

I have been to a few shows over the years with applause store, and never had any problems getting in and always enjoyed myself, apart from once with the x factor I turned up Just in time it Says on the tickets to be told they can't honur my proiety tickets, which yes we did arrive at the very last minute so I understood, but it was the rudeness of this man with bleach white hair that disgusted me, so with out saying a word I approached another crew member showed them my tickets and he said yep go through...so I was then really annoyed because it was clear to me that this white hair man just didn't like me!
But apart from that I have had amazing time with each show I've been to, and they now have changed the system slightly so you are not queuing for hours in the cold, you still have to get there early, but they give you a ticket for a seat as soon as you get there and then you can go off and have food drink shop etc intill the doors open.

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