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Camera works well and was easier to set up than I thought.

I bought this camera and USB device because I lost my cat and wanted to stake out the front garden where I have been putting out food for him, in case he was still hanging about.
The camera is perfect for this job, it was reasonably priced, easy to set up - I am in no way technically savvy, and I set it up to notify me when there was 5 seconds of movement in the field of vision. I am using the camera at night, and the area I am filming has a streetlight next to it so there are no problems with quality of the pictures. The camera records for 30 s when motion is detected, and I receive an e mail notifying me. The videos are saved in my external hard drive so that my lap top's memory is not clagged up. My only complaint is that the rain sets off the motion detectors and I have quite a lot of film of rain, however this may be because have set it up to be too sensitive.
Sadly, it has failed to find my cat, though I do have some interesting video of foxes and other people's cats getting fatter every day.

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