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Excuse after excuse

I ordered some furniture at the beging of December as we are just buying a new home. My delivery date was for the 16th, which was fine. I got a call the day before to say tht they couldn't deliver it, but will be with me on the 19th. I cut short my weekend away to Dublin to receive them then I get a call the day before while I was away to tell e that they wouldn't be delivering them. When I asked why they told me that 1part of the order was no there. I told them to deliver the rest and I will wait for the ast part. I did get the main part if the items ordered on the date arranged, but over 2 hours later than told.

The last part was then booked to come on the 19th January, but due to the weather I didn't, which I accept. Was told that it would be with me on the 23rd. Time if delivery was between 7am and midday I got a call at 12.50 to tell me that wouldn't be arriving and that someone would be in touch in 48hrs. I did get a call and was told I could have it in the 5th Feb, almost 2 weeks later. I demanded to speak to a manager, which wouldn't let me get a word in. When I finally could talk, I asked what the problem was. She told me that they didn't have the item in stock as they where having problems with the supplier.

What I can't understand why book in delivery dates if they don't have the item. People are arranging time of work to stay in waiting for them. Shoud arrange delivery when they have the stock. I do know that they have arrange delivery and then sold it and the people ended up going to the shop to pick it up.

I was given 2 options, 1was to cancel it and get my money back or wait for it, which I don't want as its part of a set. 2 was to wait for it to arrive. Sh did offer me a good will gesture if a gift, I wait to see if that happens.

If it doesn't arrive on the 5th I will cancel it and get something very much the same from tesco direct.

Do not get anything on home delivery, they are rubbish. Come on Argos get your act together, thought better if this big company.

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