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Failed delivery dates, poor customer services.

I ordered a 72 inch console table via telephone on 31st October 2012 after viewing the products on the live with wood website. I have to say that the product looked great in the photographs. I was informed whilst placing the order I would hear from them in 3-4 weeks regarding delivery. After 4 weeks I had not been contacted so I telephoned them and was told the table would be delivered the weekend after next. That weekend came and went, with no delivery, no cancellation notification, nor explanation. Once again I contacted them, this time via email. I received a timely response stating the table would be delivered the next weekend and a "sorry for messing you about" statement. The following Friday, the day before the scheduled delivery, I contacted them by email and asked them to confirm that they would indeed deliver that weekend as they had stated they would. We received a phone in response saying they would not deliver the next day but would deliver the next weekend. I do not know when they intended to inform us of the change to the rescheduled delivery date. At this point I requested compensation for mucking us around, I was told in no uncertain terms I would not be receiving any compensation, they genuinely appeared to believe no damage had been done, at which point I insisted on a full refund. Prior to posting this feedback I sent them another email giving them another opportunity to offer us some compensation and proceed with the order, however, I received no response. In their defence I was informed during my last telephone call that illness had played a part, however, when I stated if I had been informed earlier about any issues with personal problems I would have been more sympathetic, I was curtly informed they did not want to discuss their personal business. I would not recommend dealing with this company, their attitude to their customers is disrespectful and frankly self destructive.

Protection for Sport

No problems at all, purchase, return, then another purchase

I bought a couple of XXL McDavid 429X Knee Braces, competitively priced, but on receipt they ended up being a touch on the large side. I contacted Protection for Sport who gave me a return reference, I sent the goods and received a very prompt refund. I have used them again to purchase the same product in an XL and recommended their site to my friend who has also just made a purchase from them.

19 August 2012

Reply from Protection for Sport

That's brilliant to hear! Thank you for choosing us and for taking the time to review. Best wishes from the Protection for Sport team.


Complaints about couriers seems to be a reoccurring theme

I purchased some decking stain from Wickes on Wednesday 13th June, with next day delivery. Everything looked promising at first, I received an email from Nightfreight early on Thursday morning stating my order would be delivered between 12:00 - 18:00hrs. I waited in for the delivery, nothing arrived. I called Wickes 09:00hrs Friday morning and explained what had happened, the customer services representative told me she would contact Nightfreight and get back to me ASAP. At 16:00hrs I called Wickes again and was informed Nightfreight could not contact the driver to establish what had happened but that Wickes would call me back in 10 minutes with an update. At 16:30pm I again called Wickes and was told that they had re-supplied me with new decking stain and requested a Saturday delivery, once again with Nightfreight. I was unable to find any tracking facility on Nightfeights website, unless you logged in as a customer, which was not helpful. I have received the email from Nightfreight stating I will receive the delivery this morning and am waiting to see if any arrives.

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City Link

Zero customer service skills and amateur

We ordered some goods from Ebay, some decking panels, for some new deck we are having built in the last stages of a house renovation that has been going on for over 18 months. During this time we have had builders at home all day to sign for parcels, without exaggeration, we have had literally hundreds of parcels delivered during this time from numerous couriers, with no problems, until this week. On Wednesday 9th May, despite someone being in the property from 8am until 16:30pm, somehow, City-Link had managed to attempt a delivery, i.e stick a card through our door at around 3pm, without alerting our builders, or making our two miniature schnauzers bark, our dogs go ballistic when our doorbell rings. Now, it's worth pointing out here we have five doorbell sounders situated all around the house and another portable wireless unit that the builders take out into the garden whilst out back. Not to worry, the card said they will attempt another delivery the next day, Thursday 10th May, the builders now knew about this mysterious delivery attempt and even double checked the operation of the portable wireless sounder, everything was as it should be. At 14:50pm, when the builders came in for tea, there was another card from City-Link saying they had attempted to deliver again, once again, miraculously without making our two dogs bark, or alerting our builders to their presence. I phoned up City-Link
and spoke to a young man and explained we were in, that there was no way that the delivery man had rung the doorbell, I was informed he would request the parcel be delivered today, Friday 11th. Well, my wife was also at home today also, come 4pm no delivery, I phoned City-Link and spoke to a young lady, who's name I took, but will exclude from this review, who informed me they still had my parcel in their warehouse, they had requested authorisation from the seller for costs for another deliver attempt, as they had made two already. I explained again what had happened yesterday, that we were at home, no doorbell was rung, that I had been informed that it would be delivered today, there was no reference to subject to authorisation, all to no avail, I was dealing with an idiot frankly. I asked to speak to someone of higher authority, this was declined, she just kept repeating two attempts had been made, we need authorisation from the sender. Anyway, bottom line is, farcical, do not use if you have any other option.

Quick delivery, deal with problems professionally

I have made a number of purchases from during my lengthy house renovation. I had a problem with one of my purchases, there were two different threads used on the handles I received, despite looking identical from the front and all the handles being ordered at the same time. The handles were not paired with the correct screws, I received a box of handles and a box of screws and had to pair them up myself all being the same, the screws not only had different threads but different heads, (when I said I had to, my kitchen fitter had to). The problem was due to the supplier, and dealt with the matter professionally, we all understand mistakes happen, the key is how they are dealt with, I would recommend this company and I have, and will continue to use them again.

Electrical Deals Direct

Quick delivery, competitive pricing, and they actually appear to want to provide a decent service.

Bought one of those Quooker boiling water tap thingies from Electrical Deals Direct, to impress the neighbours, they were competitively priced and delivered very quickly. I would use them again and would recommend them to other users.

Handles 4 Doors Ltd

Good stock, quick delivery, fairly priced

I purchased quite a few handles for my house renovation, I double checked the models and prices of the handles on sale here and they were fairly priced, the seller automatically gave discount when purchase value increased, the more you spend, the higher the discount. I was happy with my purchases, they arrived quickly, I was notified of all stages of the despatch process. I have received the handles and they are of very good quality and we are very happy with our purchase. We would use again and recommend, many thanks.

Flogas UK Ltd.

Failed delivery, zero customer services, very unprofessional

Placed an order for two 13kg bottles of Butane Gas on Wednesday 13th October, price decent enough, was told delivery would be Monday 18th. I had received nothing by 17:45pm on Monday so I called up Flogas to check the whereabouts of delivery. A young lady took my details and said she would contact local delivery centre as ask them to contact me. When I had still heard nothing from them by the next day, nor received a delivery, I once again called Flogas. This time spoke to a gentleman, who said he would get someone to contact me without even taking any details, I asked how exactly they would contact me if he had not taken any details, which he then took, he then asked when I placed the order, I pointed out he could surely tell that from the details I had just provided, to which he mumbled something about having trouble with their database. Cut a long story short, unreliable, poor customer services, strongly recommend taking your business elsewhere.

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