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My most stressful internet buy-EVER. The Essay:

Bought an outfit from this seller and I'll start of by saying it has been the most stressful online buy I've ever come across. This is a brief overview of my dissatisfaction with this company with links to screen-shots of emails. (http://imgur.com/a/ujRj1 - Album here)

1) Bought the product, while "in stock", I was quickly told it was no longer in stock and would require an extra few days to send, which at the time wasnt too bad, but I insisted I needed the product before 8th June or else the product would be useless.

2) A week after they said new stock arrived 25th not 18th - It was delayed as of a 'quality inspection'

3) They have the product - and takes them 4 days to ship the product, however I have to pay extra to ship the product even though they say free shipping. However in small print it does say you're liable for any extra shipping costs. I was angry.

4) The product arrived a a day before I needed it, a) the wrong size, b) completely different coloration to its online picture. I still wore it, as I just about fit into all but the pants only to find that after an hour it had frayed edges, bad craftsmanship and overall rubbish quality for the £70+ I paid.

5) After receiving an email later asking if I was satisfied, I replied with these details and wanting a refund. I have had zero communication with the company since then and are not returning the 3 emails I have sent over 3 weeks.

If it is a small, simple product they maybe okay, but anything expensive/intricate AVOID!!!

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All round brilliance.

Ordered a laptop (the cheapest on the internet), and through no fault of their own had to go back for repair. They picked the laptop up through a currier, and dropped it off the same way a few days later. Overall service was amazing, the best I've had from a company in a long time.

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