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Virgin Attitude

After 3 years we have finally succumbed to the cost of Virgin media & ditched them for the phone hackers over the road.The main reason was because of the telephone.We changed numbers because of silent calls & cold calls for Mr Jeffries who has never lived here.We duly contacted Virgin media who said they will swap the number but if we needed to do it again there would be a charge.We asked was recycling old numbers company policy.Yes they said everybody does it.Months past when we started getting cold calls silent calls & faxes this time for a Mr Roberts.We went into bat with Virgin Media who tried to implement a charge until I threatened OFCOM Telephone Preference Service & The Communications Act onto their heads via Citizens Advice Bureau.Then we left which we had to liase with Customer Services which took so long & cost an extra £100.This we got back less the interest they had made on it of course.
I would love to know if being a stroppy mare is part of the Virgin induction course as from travel reps to banking to broadband they seem to think the customer is some pond life who are there to waste their time.I get the impression they can be a bit spiteful so i am loathe to pass on personal details.

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